Raising funds for our projects that improve the lives of the people of Keta, the Volta Region of Ghana and beyond.

Our Project Focus Areas: Education, Health, Agriculture, Housing, Environment, Communications, Infrastructure, Energy, & Tourism

Welcome to the Keta Foundation

The Keta Foundation has been established to provide a non-profit organization in accordance with 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Department, to raise funds for the benefit of a number of philanthropic and other institutions in Ghana, Africa, and globally.

In Ghana, a primary beneficiary of U.S. donations will be Freedom University, based in Keta, Volta Region, Ghana, which will host students, faculty, staff and alumni who wish to become informed social activists in the battle against modern slavery. This project is funded under the aegis of the Freedom Corps Ghana Pioneer program.

A further sustainable project of considerable importance supported by the Keta Foundation is Freedom University’s annual Keta Global Slavery Summit, designed to engage scholars, leaders, and experts in diverse fields to find and implement solutions to attack the core problems of ignorance, poverty, intolerance and lack of opportunity that fuels slavery throughout the world.

Keta Foundation will also assist victims - particularly children - at a number of benevolent institutions in Ghana. These include, but are not limited to HardtHaven, Kapando (Ghana’s HIV/Aids Orphan’s Home), Challenging Heights, Winnenden (HardtHaven promotes youth and family empowerment and children’s rights to education and freedom from forced labour in Ghana), Adele Orphanage, Nkwanta, founded by the mother of our dear friend, Daniel N’gkobo nearly 50 years ago, who together with Angelika, has devoted all his income and efforts for the past two decades to keeping it going.

And then, there are the impoverished, semi-isolated and nearly forgotten men, women and children of Bomigo Island, a proud, highly artistic, hospitable people, with no local employment, their daily lives plagued by treatable illness, marked malnutrition, and clouds of mosquitos. The Chairman of Volta Region, Dr Normanyo “said it was profoundly regrettable that the youth of these areas were left to waste away; whirling in cycles of poverty; ignorance and backwardness; unaffected by policy and forced to drift to the cities to be manipulated by the dangerous vicissitudes of urban life.’

In 2000, three Bomigo girls were drowned on the way to school in an unstable canoe – the only means of transport. Just one of the many goals of Keta Foundation, is to purchase a secure motorboat to take children to school. But we hope with your aid, to do much more – to provide jobs, better housing, medicine and nutrition for these joyous people who refuse to have their spirits beaten down by their circumstances.