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Keta Global Slavery Summit

Background Freedom University, Keta, Volta Region, Ghana, was founded June 18, 2013, by Fortune Norris Addor and Michael Flannery and Registered as a Non-Profit Organization in accordance with The Registrar General’s Department Companies Act, Section 24 (Act 179) of the Companies Code (1963). In 2015, the Keta Foundation partnered with Freedom University to assist in …

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Keta Lagoon Artisanal Fishery & Wildlife Institute (KLAFWIN)

Background Artisanal fisheries are small-scale fisheries for subsistence or local, small markets, generally using traditional fishing techniques and small boats. They occur around the world (particularly in developing nations) and are vital to livelihoods and food security; particularly of surrounding communities. Comparatively, worldwide, artisanal and commercial fisheries catch the same amount of fish for human consumption (30 …

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Operation Cornucopia

Fruit, Vegetable, Cereal & Nut Mobile Processing Plants for the Volta Region, Ghana Background The history of agriculture in Ghana, the Volta Region and Keta Municipality is a tragic tale; one of a country blessed with an enormous variety and abundance of high quality fruits, nuts and vegetables, sufficient to form the backbone of a …

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Operation Red Gold

The Ghana Sustainable Brick-Based Affordable Housing Program Background Affordable housing everywhere is a basic human right. It is fundamental to human dignity, physical and mental health and overall quality of life. This seemingly simple foundation of free societies is, however, enveloped in complexity, and its achievement requires not just resolution, creative planning and important financial …

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