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What We Do


— We Find & Fund

We have identified a variety of much needed projects for the Volta Region that will make a major impact in Ghana.

Our primary focus areas are education, health, agriculture, housing, environment, communications, infrastructure, energy, and tourism.


— We Build Networks

We actively seek out partnerships in a variety of business verticals to advance development projects in the Volta Region.

From clay mining to mobile food processing platforms to modern modular quick-build homes, we partner with the innovators that can make the biggest impact.


— We Educate

In Ghana, a primary beneficiary of U.S. donations will be Freedom University.

Based in Keta, Volta Region, Ghana, Freedom University will host students, faculty, staff and alumni who wish to become informed social activists in the battle against modern slavery.

This project is funded under the aegis of the Freedom Corps Ghana Pioneer program.

Latest Projects

Keta Lagoon Artisanal Fishery and Wildlife Institute - KLAFWIN

It is imperative that holistic sustainable solutions be found to the current problems in order to increase productivity, eliminate wastage and maximize revenues. Our plan is precisely that: Creative, pragmatic solutions that will be welcomed by the fishermen and the community.

It is with this critical economic, social and environmental disintegration in mind that we plan to build, equip and staff the first Keta Lagoon Artisanal Fishery and Wildlife Institute (KLAFWIN), an environmental, economic, social, scientific and informational resource designed to create opportunities for ongoing scientific studies, species and environmental protection and information and education center.

Operation Red Gold

Operation Red Gold© is the most important affordable housing program in the history of Ghana. The past is strewn with examples of unrealistic, expensive programs, tackled without adequate expertise and resources; lacking vision and pragmatism; suffering from exploitation by individuals and vested interests; engaging in shoddy construction techniques with inappropriate, inferior materials – programs that were seemingly automatically abandoned in an unfinished state by each new regime.

Operation Red Gold© is a long-term- indeed, permanent – sustainable program that will increasingly offer affordable high-quality housing that will survive centuries, to the citizens of Ghana, as new ceramic building material manufacturing facilities come on line.


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